The easiest way to the Help Desk

What users love about the Teams integration

“The app makes my daily work easier. Now, I don’t have to remember my login details for the service desk and can still contact IT easily.”

Elena, Human Resources

“The Teams integration significantly improves collaboration with the support team. It is like their desk is right next to mine. So fast and efficient!”

Leon, Sales

“The Teams integration is like a personal IT assistant. No more headaches trying to find the right place for IT support – it’s just a click away.”

Sabrina, Marketing

What can users do in Teams?

Why create a ticket in the Service Desk when you can simply send a chat message instead? Thanks to our ticketing integration, your message is automatically registered as a ticket – without leaving Teams.
Discover what else users can do directly in Teams.

Features for users:

Create tickets in chat

Book services

View open tickets

Track ticket status

Add information to the ticket

Simplify support for your users

Central access

Users can reach the Service Desk directly from MS Teams without having to switch tools. This saves time and ensures a more efficient workflow.

Fast and efficient

No matter what you’re working on, support is just a chat message away. No need to fill out long forms, just chat and get help.

Better communication

Users communicate easily with the supporter by sharing messages, screenshots and other relevant information directly in the chat.