CMDB Implementation in 24h

We will not sell you a complex CMDB project.
We will provide a ready-to-use solution in 24h.


With SmartCMDB you are ready to go right away

You want to benefit from the advantages of a holistic Configuration Management Database (CMDB)? But you are afraid of a potentially tedious and expensive implementation project? Then we have the right solution for you: With REALTECH’s preconfigured SmartCMDB, CMDB implementation becomes a piece of cake.

  • Best practices get you up and running quickly
  • Standardized use cases cover your fundamental requirements
  • Autodiscovery captures your entire IT infrastructure, incl. cloud assets
  • Preconfigured reports make complex analyses a piece of cake
  • The flexible SaaS solution is ready to use and easily scalable

How it works: Start today, buy tomorrow

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We approve you online for the SaaS application. After a short online onboarding, you can start right away.


Use the auto-discovery function to quickly and easily populate the CMDB with your infrastructure data.


Test the functions of SmartCMDB with your original data sets and discover your individual advantages.


Try the CMDB solution without obligation and free of charge for 14 days. After that, you decide if and how to proceed.


Upgrade SmartCMDB to a comprehensive ITSM tool in no time – with SmartITSM from REALTECH.

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