Graphical Relations

A graphical representation of the relationships within a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is essential for effective management of IT assets. A clear representation of the dependencies between configuration elements makes it possible to quickly identify critical relationships and react to problems in a targeted manner.

What are Graphical Relations in the CMDB?

The graphical relations in the CMDB help visualize the relationships between different components such as hardware, software, networks and applications. Graphical relations can simplify and speed up the management of IT infrastructure. By visualizing relationships, IT teams can identify and fix problems faster.

Graphical Relations in the SmartCMDB

Complex Interrelationships easily recognizable

In REALTECH SmartCMDB, all objects are created as CIs (Configuration Items). This allows to relate all database objects (e.g. hardware, persons, tickets) with their relations to each other. This makes often hidden or complicated relationships visible at a glance.

Dependency Walk Technique

The Dependency Walk Technique provides a detailed understanding of the relationships between configuration items. It allows to jump from one object to another, and thus to examine the relationships between them. By displaying only the required information, users can save time while gaining an accurate understanding of the dependencies between CIs.

Root Cause Analysis

Technical objects (e.g. from monitoring) can be displayed as part of an IT service as an image in the actual state. This makes it possible, for example, to immediately identify whether a technical incident has an impact on associated services and processes, and vice versa, why certain services are disrupted.

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